our environmental commitment

We are very much aware of our impact on the environment when carrying out our work and the fact this goes against the preservation of our planetary resources be it through habitat/species loss or damage to our atmosphere through gas emissions and vegetation/tree removal.

To alleviate some of our impact to the environment we always strive to do what we can when we can and these actions include:

• We fund the replanting of at least 10 trees for every 1 we cut down, we also fund replant of trees when our activities cause the destruction of habitat such as ground clearance. We do this by supporting the International tree foundation

• Never advising the felling of trees if there is no need. We will be happy to remove trees if desired but if other options are available such as reducing or leaving we will always let customers know of this option even if this means we get no work from a site visit

• We aim to transfer where possible to battery operated equipment, this will not require the use of customer electricity as modern equipment is now available to last all day using a combination of battery and petrol powered tools

• Woodchip and logs will always be taken to sites that use these products for either fuel in the case of logs or farm resources and compost in the case of woodchip

• Having a background in both arboriculture, horticulture and conservation we are always happy to advise on appropriate replanting to replace trees and/or areas of lost habitat if customers require and advice in this area is always free of charge

• Contact us today if you need logs or woodchip as we are always happy to offer this at extremely low prices to avoid unnecessary travel of these products before use.

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